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Universities alive with energetic and colorful teens. Here, young lives grow and blossom out. They enjoy tremendous freedom for making their own choices and experimenting with life. Their lives are packed with potential, enthusiasm and love for adventure. They discover and build new relationships. The electronic media and the web add wings to their fancy. TV channels and the Internet revolutionize their lives, updating them to the contemporary fashions and trends.

Still, it is no trouble-free zone. Peer pressures, parental prodding, academic challenges, unhealthy competitions, ... many are the hurdles. Feelings of incompetence, insecurity and the fear of the futures. dampen their spirits. Depression overshadow them; addictions overtake them. Stress, strain and restlessness lead them to the path of suicide.

What is the way out?

Students can choose to enjoy life with peace, joy & satisfaction. Here is an organization exists to find students in their tight spots, help them analyze their situations, and enable them to change for the better.

UESI (Union of Evangelical Students of India) an Indian Christian student movement (Since 1954), goes out to serve the student community of this country. It helps the students to find the meaning and purpose for their lives and develop into mature personalities, enjoying life in its fullness.

UESI focuses on helping students discover a life-transforming, living relationship with Jesus Christ. This 'heartbeat' is sustained through personal quiet time, Bible study, fellowship, sharing & prayer. Students get to know the basics of the historic Christian faith so that they stand for its truth and 'live out' its message as the solution to the problems of mankind. Further, they are guided to find their role in God's great project of renewing His creation.

UESI is not a church; nor is it a substitute for the church. Members are encouraged to be active in their own churches. UESI is faithful to the Evangelical Faith. Topics on which evangelicals differ are not discussed; rather love, fellowship and unity are emphasized and celebrated.

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